Expert Department

Project development services and expert laboratory support

Services for the development of the project and expert support of laboratories for quality control of medicines and medical devices (chemical/physical, microbiological and others)

Our GDP services

1. Diagnostic audit of a wholesale distributor / importer company for compliance with GDP EU requirements EU

2. Information support and consulting of distributors / importers of medicines

3. Conducting validation / qualification activities in warehouses

4. Corporate training of your company's personnel on GDP requirements

Our GMP services

1. Audit of pharmaceutical manufacturers of medicines for compliance with GMP EU requirements

2. Audit of manufacturers of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API)

3. Corporate training of your company's personnel in accordance with GMP requirements

If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them, you just need to contact us via the feedback form and we will contact you during business hours, or call +38 (044) 390-63-27


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